RESCUE-EARTH : Reinforcing Environmental Sustainability with Constructive Utilization of E-Waste on Earth

RESCUW Earth Technologies and Advisory LLp (Mumbai,2012) is a research driven industrial 'GREEN' Engineering Start Up (B-to-B), created and overseeing two environmentally sound Technologies/ESTs (International Patents analyzed). We offer fractional/finish answers for the serious Environmental issues

Rahul Nagpaul, Rescue Earth

Who We Are

We live with creativity

We are a 'Bootstrapping' finished clean tech startup aimed at reduction in dumping of solid waste generated across the globe. To take care of the demand for relief of Solid Waste in different nations, this is the supply of Green Technologies as an answer from 'MAKE IN INDIA' Platform (R&D since Provisional Patents recorded year 2008). As Licensing and exchange of responsibility for , the profits are expected in one month to six months.

Rahul Nagpaul


Rashmi Nagpaul

Partner(Art and Aesthetics)

Sonu Singh

Advisor(Sales and Marketing)

Rohan Singh

Advisor(Marine Engineering)

Natasha Singh

Multimedia consultant

Key Advantages

Low Investment

Setting up of our clean technology method requires minimum capital for you to begin with.Make your investment a safe investment by adopting our clean tech methods.

Clean Technology

Our production methods are 100% environment friendly as no emissions or generation of harmful by products is involved.All by products are 100% re-utilisable.

Fast Results

You do not need to train your staff to work with our clean technlogy method as it is simple to use and results are obtained within 48hrs of first production setup.

Easy Deployment

With least infrastructural set up required and absence of requirement of any heating energy source , our clean technology method is easy to bring into production

Our Works

Numbers Speak



Patent notification has been issued by the European Patent Office (EPO) covering 38 countries.



Production can start from the first day itself and results are produced with-in 24-36 hrs



3 e-waste prototypes have been developed and tested successfully


% Less cost

First order wood consists of 72% solid waste and 28% of real wood , less than 75% cost of real wood


Agricultural Waste Management

Innovated WIPO Green Technology can eliminate the Stubble Burning in Farms and hence AIR POLLUTION caused by burning of 'Post Harvest Agricultural Waste' can be stopped. Farmers can greatly benefit and gain additional income by converting the Stubble or Post Harvest Agriculture Wastes into Wood Subtitutes. This can become vital employement and income generator in the lean season. Our Technologies have been Patented in 40 Key Countries and process various categories of solid Wastes to manufacture Timber, Wood Planks & Wooden Board (of TEAK, OAK, PINE etc) substitutes from following constituents


1. Stubble


2. Rice Straw


3. Dry leaves


4. Coconut Shells


5. Dry Roots


6. Twigs and Branches


7. Tree Trunk/Bark


8. Saw Dust, Shavings or Chips




About The Innovator

Vastly experienced as Chief Marine Engineer, the Sr. Lecturer & former Associated Prof. at Tolani Maritime Institute, Talegaon, Pune (Marine Engineering & E/R Simulators), independently innovated Two Pioneering Green Technologies for Re-cycling Solid Wastes (18 categories).

Pune Inventor Network ,Venture Center Pune, Consultancy Devt Center (CDC) DSIR, Ministry of Science &Tech, Member Group of Experts, GESAMP. Member, Global SCP clearing house, UNEP. Sole author of Seven Published articles, Five Conference Papers & Two personal copyrights registered.

The Innovator used the knowledge gained in Marine Environmental Pollution Prevention & Protection at first led to two unsuccessful Provisional Patents: 881/MUM/2008, dt.21/04/2008 & 55/ MUM/ 2012, dt.06/01/2012 & both were 'abandoned' due to unsatisfactory Material Test Reports of Prototypes, requiring further improvements. He st arted Cleantech Start-up, Rescuw Earth Tech and his struggle yeilded to International Patents being published in Europe in November 2017 after over 5 years of Research & Development.

Our Research Papers

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Production can start from 1st day itself and results are produced with-in 24-36 hrs …

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